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Super Mega Death's Jammin Session [Jul. 28th, 2006|08:51 pm]
The Noblest Gang of Cricketeers


[My Hare Krishnas-in-a-can feel: |amusedamused]
[My Hare Krishnas-in-a-can are listening to: |Super Mega Death- Nocturne in E flat]

Sorry this is a little belated but I have only just awoken after a night's heavy moshing at a Super Mega Death Gig held on a random driveway. Prior to this Super Mega Death had a jammin session in which the lyrics for 'Asif' was officially documented for all to enjoy. So were the less celebrated lyrics of 'Leprosy'. A new song called 'Put things in your head' was written and Vikki treated us all to her variation of the song 'Sex on the Beach'. Here for your appreciation (or complaints in the case of 'Leprosy') are the lyrics:

Asif (dedicated to the Pakistani cricket player, Asif, who is currently missing the series against England due to illness)

Asif...is it true?
Asif... do u wish i was a prune?
Asif... do u like my miniskirt?
Asif...are you a dirty twurp?

Asif... do u wanna play a game of buckaroo?
Asif... i wish that u were a kangarooo

Asif... do u wish i was swedish?
Asif... i guess i am swedish

Intro!!! *Strums guitar violently*

Lyrics and guitar by Captain "Vikki" Transvestite.

Put things in your head

Put things in your head
And hope it will cause you dead (Vikki would like to point out the bad English as Super Mega Death didn't go to school)
Because with more dead we can take over the world with the evil human race.

So put things in your head.

Lyrics by Vikki (with some help from Sophie)

Sex on the Beach

I wanna have sex on the beach
Come on where's your fire?
Let's burn the fire
"Then she makes sex noises like oooooooooh"

(Vikki would like me to add that the video for this variation can be bought at 'Vikki's Private Erotica')


Oh Leprosy.

It isn't very fun kissing,
a man who's bottom lip is missing.

That's Leprosy.

And when he carries you to bed,
there's a bump and roll of his head.

That's Leprosy.

How can Hoggy work on his farm,
if he hasn't got any arms?

That's Leprosy.

Unfortunately the end got rather insensitive so had to be cut and couldn't possibly ever be published!
Vikki got rather annoyed about this and attacked me.
I'm now banned from Super Mega Death gigs, but she won't remember all this by...well now however at the time she did sign a piece of paper for me.