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The Noblest Gang of Cricketeers Community

For all things Ross Noble or cricket!

The Noblest Gang of Cricketeers
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This community is home to fans of the wacky comedian Ross Noble, fans of the wonderful sport of cricket and fans of the little-known emo-goth band called Super Mega Death (a little out of tune and very unrelated to Mega Death).

We post and discuss pictures, news articles, quotes and match results, and have even been known to lend ourselves to the odd game or two. Keep your eyes peeled, also, for various sections on Super Mega Death (they are meant to be lighthearted, for all the heavy blood-letting).

-What 2006 holds for The Noblest Gang of Cricketeers-

* Updates on cricket news, squads, injuries and whatever crackpot schemes the ICC come up with next
* A dedicated (oo-err) tracking of the English county cricket season, game-by-game, in all four competitions
* Yet more tracking of the Sri Lankan and Pakistani tours of England over the summer
* Coverage of the New Zealand tour in South Africa, and whatever other non-English tours Sky Sports decides to show
* Random installments on the progress of Super Mega Death, whatever those crazy emo-goths do next
* Later on in the year, lots of nervous chattering about the winter Ashes tour in Australia. Oo butterflies just thinking about it!

Please remember:
We're here to have fun and everything is done in jest, there is no malicious intent involved at all, for any of the cricketers... whatever it may first appear. :)

Your mods,
Emily and Sophie

(P.S: We are a slash-friendly community, just as a warning.)


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